I am currently writing a persuasive essay on why Cannabis should be legal in my state (Wisconsin) and just need some people to help me. Thank you!

Like I mentioned, I'm writing a persuasive essay on why marijuana should be legal. I am in the interview stage, and I just want to know what age you started smoking, why you did, and how it impacted your life for the good or for the bad.

I started smoking everyday at 21 years old. I have to purchase illegally from the street, but that is the risk I am willing to take. I smoke because I have PTSD, and a TBI from when I was in the Army and that made me an introvert. I don't like to talk to anybody now. When I am high, I am extremely social and I feel like my old self before I joined the Army. I smoke everyday to be who I am. Without weed, I am this introvert that stays away from society. That is my story, what is yours?

thank you so much, I am using my time when I'm not at work to write a persuasive essay, so anything helps, thank you!

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