I’m tripping right now (first time smoking)

I just got back from smoking more that an hour ago. It's my first time and I was with my cousin and his friend, we smoked in the woods and I didn't know if I was gonna get high because i didn't know if I was inhaling correctly, I took a lot of hits though and it burned a little bit. But a few minutes later we were walking and I felt a sense of euphoria and light headed, a little slowed. Fast forward now I'm walking around the house and feel more present like I have more patience and focused. I also felt like I needed to laugh even when I was all by myself. There were little things I did that I don't normally do like my mom took a roast out the oven and It was clear that it was a roast but I was like “what is that?” Lmao like I had no idea. Anyway I just finished eating like potatoes spinach and that roast beef, it was hot but I felt every taste and all the heat in my food like 10 times over. Felt like I was eating that plate forever. I also felt like that food reached every part of my body. Senses defiantly got amplified and I'm still tripping a little right now

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