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I live in a state (FL) that just passed medical marijuana laws. I have been doing the research to find out the costs associated with applying for the card/recommendation and I am fairly certain they are ripping people off because of the lack of neighboring states and the conservative controlled government in our state.

My research found that people are paying between $400 and $600 annually to maintain legal. Patients also must visit their doctor every 45 days for renewal. On top of that, only one company is advertising their prices for their CBD products only and are averaging about twice the cost of what is available from the internet.

I am not a marijuana user currently but would like to eventually use a more natural medicine for my back pain. I had back surgery last year, and while it helped, it did not completely fix the issue. However I won't buy into a system that is rigged against us.

Please post what it cost in your state for a medical card and how often you must visit your doctor for a condition that does not go away.

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