This Is How Trump Won

I have observed many ideas about and reactions to the election since November that perplex me. One idea that stands out among Hillary fans is that Bernie was too dirty in the primary and has a lot of ground to make up if he is to win the support of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party going forward. I will not address the absurdity of this idea here, but I highlight it to make a point: Hillary fans still have no idea what happened in 2016 that led to Donald Trump being president. This is particularly troubling given the small window of opportunity we have to replace Trump. Hillary fans, allow me to clue you in to the deciding issue of the 2016 election: many Trump voters ― nearly half ― believe that Trump’s victory was a victory against the Illuminati. And, because of that, nearly none of his scandals or failures matter to them.

In December, after an armed man walked into the DC pizza restaurant at the center of the “pizzagate” conspiracy, Economist and YouGov conducted a poll of Clinton and Trump voters about belief in conspiracies surrounding the election. A whopping 46 percent of Trump voters believed that leaked Clinton and Clinton loyalist emails contained information about a child sex ring being run out of the DC pizza shop. I was admittedly late to the “pizzagate” story as I tend to stay away from internet conspiracies, but once I researched it I discovered that this conspiracy is an extension of the Illuminati conspiracy. Believers thought the emails were in code, that the symbols on the front of the pizza place were Illuminati symbols, etc. Trump voters largely believe that Clinton is part of a global conspiracy run by the world’s wealthiest and most influential people. If we do not address this going forward, the Democratic Party will continue to make the same mistake it made in nominating Hillary.


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