Hitman Glass Brilliance Perc Stemless MiniTube w/ Belly Button – Oil Drip label

Hitman Glass Brilliance Perc Direct Inject Tube
Brilliance Perc Tube Waterpipe
Hitman Glass Belly Button
Hitman Glass Oil Drip Label
Hitman Glass Brilliance


2014 Hitman Glass Brilliance Perc Oil Drip Label Stemless 5mm Thick Borosilicate Oil Rig Waterpipe. Includes 18mm Belly Button dome for direct inject joint. For tobacco use only, must be 18 or older to purchase.

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Product Description

Hitman Glass Brilliance Perc Stemless Tube

 Includes 18mm Hitman Belly Buttom Dome


Hitman Glass was started in 2008 by glassblowers Steve Bates, Erik Weissman, and Dougie Fresh.

From Hitman Glass: Functional art with an emphasis on “functional”. These crazy unique percolators are like no others, harnessing no restrictions, yet unsurpassed filtration: a winning combination. Hitman water pipes are blown solid, build with accuracy and ingenuity. Hitman glass waterpipes are favorites with many glass collectors for there uniqueness, quality, filtration, and limited numbers.


Hitman Glass Brilliance Perc Stemless Tube

  • Includes Hitman’s own Belly Button Dome – never overheat your glass joint again


  • Features Hitman Glass’s coveted Brilliance Perc


  • Oil Drip and Green Hitman Logo labels


  • Stemless Design


  • Joint Size and Type: Direct Inject 18mm Male Joint


  • Height: 14 inches


  • Weight: About 2lbs


  • Glass Thickness: 5mm





This product is intended for tobacco use only. Must be 18 years old or older to purchase this product. Please abide by your local laws when purchasing.


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